Link to watch Graduation Live!

Graduation will be held in the Cora Howe Gym starting at 10 a.m.

Mr. Ethan's Music Class

MNPS Voices featured Mr. Ethan in one of their latest articles. Read all about it!

The Nashville Zoo comes to visit Cora Howe.

Sam, an ambassador from the Nashville Zoo came to visit with a few friends. She first introduced Squirt, an Eastern Box Turtle, who is native to Tennessee. Students had many questions about Squirt. Next, Ella was introduced. Ella is a Tenrec, a native to Africa. She looks like a cross between a mouse and a hedgehog. The students were ok with the hedgehog part, as they all what a hedgehog is thanks to Sonic. Last to be introduced was Loki, a Ball Python, also native to Africa. The students weren't sure about a snake, but those who touched him got to feel how tight his muscles are.


Mardi Gras Celebration

February 13th brought a new celebration to Cora Howe. Instead of the annual Chili cookoff we had a Cajun cookoff!

Cluster 1 will be making Red Beans and Rice. - The whole cluster won.

Cluster 2 will be making Dirty Rice. - Dr. Habeck's class claimed the best.

Cluster 3 will be making Jambalaya.  -Ms. Preethi's class created the best Jambalaya.

Craft stations included making crowns, mask decorating and slime making! The Cora Howe drumline then led everyone to the Gym for games, bubbles, and music.

This was a great time for all!

Picture of Ms. Nikki Nouwen.Teacher of the Year

Ms. Nicole Nouwen

Ms. Nouwen is part of the Middle School Team.

Paraprofessional of the Year

Ms. Kim Peacock

Ms. Kim works with Ms. Nicole Moree making art with the students.