About Cora Howe

Cora Howe Exceptional School is a special day school for those students whose learning differences are so significant that they cannot effectively learn within the context of a less restrictive environment. Students are referred through the Individualized Education Plan Team.

Cora Howe specializes in producing standards-based academic programs that are individualized, relevant and differentiated for each child, and we aim to create long-term learning experiences based on areas of interest and strengths for each child.

Our students have access to a variety of services and professionals to help achieve academic as well as work-based learning success. Nurturing our unique students is a dedicated team of caring teachers.

K- 8

Elementary School

Students spend much of their day with one teacher and their paraprofessionals. Each day is spent working on ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each 9 weeks students will rotate through a Related Art class: Art, Computer/Library, PE or Music.

 Middle School

 This group gets to start changing classes, which prepares them for high school. Students rotate between teachers for English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and PLT classes.  Related Art classes are rotated through each 9 weeks.

 Some of our K-8 students split their time between Cora Howe and their school of zone.


High School


Our oldest students rotate through six different classes. Some students participate in Work- Based Learning and get to learn new skills while working with some of our community partners. Other students split their time between our school and their zoned school (some will even transition full-time to their zoned school).