Our School

Lifelong Success for All Students

Cora Howe Exceptional School is a special day school for those students whose learning differences are so significant that they cannot effectively learn within the context of a less restrictive environment. Students are referred through the Individualized Education Plan Team.

Cora Howe specializes in producing standards-based academic programs that are individualized, relevant and differentiated for each child, and we aim to create long-term learning experiences based on areas of interest and strengths for each child.

Our students have access to a variety of services and professionals to help achieve academic success, including our library, as well as work-based learning opportunities.

Nurturing our unique students is a dedicated team of caring teachers. Oftentimes, new students will arrive closed off, like the bud of a flower. When they leave us, many have totally transformed into something beautiful.

School Hours

 7:05 a.m.- 2:05 p.m.

We are on a High School school  schedule to accommodate our students transitioning to other schools.

School Cluster

Our students come from all over Davidson County.

School Board Member 

District 3